why viruthi


why viruthi

Every elder lady in a family is an incomparable, unique, unparalleled, unmatchable, library to her younger generations. In most of the Indian homes, while take care of the business/ occupation, it is the eldest lady who establishes the lead over the entire family, ties people of different generations together, teaches the virtues and traditional customs with her magic touch of love and leadership. Though underestimated/ underrated that they reside at homes, take care of the family and handle the household chores, our homemakers have always contributed immensely in binding our families and communities and in preserving the health quotient, cultural identity and the financial stability.
progress and possibilities
Having descended from such a rich tradition continued for centuries and generations, we strongly believe that even in the present modern world- a home maker’s world is vast and wide and that it need not be confined to 4 walls. It could be a life of passion, progress and possibilities and a much deeper purpose.
Family Responsibilities
It is no more amusing to hear when someone says that a homemaker cannot prove herself and come out in flying colours without stepping out of home and compromising on her family responsibilities. DEEP WITHIN HER, SHE IS A SUPER WOMAN IN HER OWN WAY UNDISCLOSED TO THE WORLD.

Our mission is to ignite, tap, uncover and harness the super woman in every home maker beyond being a home maker, to create an energy bundle/ tribe/ community of thriving women entrepreneurs silently/ phenomenally transforming this society and treat you with the best possible homemade foods in its original form. Even the world’s best chef will want to be served his home food, AND THE WORLD KNOWS WHY.

When you purchase a homemade product of Viruthi, you are a proud member of the viruthi family who has prioritised health over anything else and has taken the commitment of supporting, encouraging and cheering the numerous passionate home makers who have put in their heart and soul to bring this cute little pack of such an incredible creation filled with love, care, concern and commitment.

You are holding in your hands an incredible homemade creation which is so ambitious to add life and value to your health and happiness. You are a proud consumer of a bundle of love, care and affection. This is done at homes by the homemakers in the same way/ as an extension to as it is done for their family members. The growth of Viruthi has taken one more step forward with your magical touch on this creation.

By consuming home made products, u contribute immensely to the society and to the environment- by cutting down on the logistics, marketing, promotions, carbon emissions, transportation, cutting down on the usage of packaging paper & plastics, buying local products, boosting the local economy, increasing the local fund flow, supporting our homipreneurs, etc

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